Lovejoy, Series 6 DVD

3 Disc DVD

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Charlotte buys a painting, then learns she's been conned. Tinker disappears and Charlotte is kidnapped. A gangster asks Lovejoy to help him find a samurai sword -- or else. Lovejoy is conned by a phony ex-diplomat, and Charlotte is locked in an antique shop. Tinker inherits a pub, Charlotte is offered a job in New York, and a knot is tied at last, with Lady Jane in attendance.

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  • Length: 500 minutes on 3 Discs
  • Subtitles: Yes
  • Number of Programs: 10
  • Country of Origin: United States


  • Disc 1
    Episode 1: Fair Exchange
    Lovejoy and Charlotte clash over whether to auction a very valuable 18th-century Polish painting. But the disagreement turns incriminating when Lovejoy goes on a bender and wakes up the next morning accused of theft and assault.

    Episode 2: Day of Reckoning
    A man with a murderous vendetta against Lovejoy lures Charlotte into his clutches with a fake business deal. To get back at Lovejoy, he threatens to take her life-unless Lovejoy can find her first.

    Episode 3: Somewhere-Over the Rainbow?
    An unusually melancholy Tinker goes missing after Lovejoy chews him out for a botched job. To find him, the crew travels to Bigbury-on-Sea and discovers more about Tinker, and his family, than ever before.

    Episode 4: Double Edged Sword
    An 18th-century samurai sword is stolen from a thug-like businessman named Frank Whymark. He enlists Lovejoy to track down the missing artifact... or else. Finding it, though, will be the least of Lovejoy's worries.

    Disc 2
    Episode 5: Guns and Roses
    Lovejoy visits London to have an early 20th-century firearm cleaned by a famed gunsmith currently engaged in a vicious dispute with his new landlord. Lovejoy is unwittingly placed smack dab in the middle of their escalating battle.

    Episode 6: The Last of the Uzkoks
    Charlotte prepares to auction an extremely rare Greek artophorion. But hours before it goes on the market, several sources claim it rightfully belongs to them. The sellers, Lord and Lady Dunwich, recruit Lovejoy to prove it has no provenance. But why?

    Episode 7: Breaking the Broker
    The police suspect a Polish sea captain of smuggling boatloads of religious artifacts into England, but they need an uncooperative Lovejoy's expertise to catch him. To do so, they threaten to charge Lovejoy and Tinker for theft if they don't help.

    Disc 3
    Episode 8: Fruit of the Desert
    Lovejoy encounters a retired British diplomat itching to sell a priceless trove of Islamic artifacts. The catch? He needs $100,000 in cash, and he needs it now. Lovejoy scrambles to find the money to secure this bounty, even if it means risking his daughter's most valuable asset.

    Episode 9: Holding the Baby
    Invited to preview a lackluster estate sale, Lovejoy makes away with a steal-a rare Regency side cabinet, extremely undervalued. The good fortune ends there, as Beth is conned into giving it away. Can her mother's hypnosis help them catch the culprits?

    Episode 10: Last Tango in Lavenham
    Changes abound for the crew: Tinker plans on getting out of the business, Beth gets scooped up by a more reputable operation, Charlotte ponders married life, and a surprise guest threatens to turn Lovejoy's world upside down.

  • Content warning: Contains mild coarse language and brief nudity.