Cornwall with Caroline Quentin DVD

2 Disc DVD

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Spend a Cornish summer with Caroline Quentin (Blue Murder, Men Behaving Badly). Full of gorgeous scenery and quirky locals, the Cornwall peninsula is home to aristocrats in centuries-old manors and beachcombers barbecuing lobsters. Traveling its length and breadth, Quentin dives headlong into the seasonal festivities, mingling at a village pub, cheering on a regatta and infusing each episode with charming wit.

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Product Description


  • Length: 174 minutes on 2 Discs
  • Number of Programs: 8
  • Country of Origin: United States


  • Disc 1
    Episode 1
    Winemaking and surfing may seem more at home in France than England, but in Cornwall, ripened grapes are harvested at the Camel Valley winery and locals paddle out for big swells at Chapel Porth Beach.

    Episode 2
    Owners of a converted country barn show off their property to an agency that finds homes for seasonal residents. Cornish native Lorna Bean and family sail off the rugged coast to catch fish bound for top-rated London eateries.

    Episode 3
    Rising from the sea like a mythical kingdom, the awe-inspiring St. Michael's Mount-a granite crag topped by a medieval monastery-is Cornwall's most popular attraction. Costumed swashbucklers invade the historic isle on Pirate Day.

    Episode 4
    Surf's up at Chapel Porth Beach, one of 300 scenic stretches of sand that lure sun worshippers to the Cornish coast. Waves have been known to rise 30 feet, but that doesn't scare an octogenarian couple as they compete in the World Bellyboarding Championship.

    Disc 2
    Episode 5
    Locals say that 400-year-old PrideauxPlace is haunted, but the ghosts are reportedly as friendly as the current residents, whose family has inhabited the sprawling mansion for centuries.

    Episode 6
    Quirky customs rule at Treloan Coastal Holidays campground, where guests are invited to feed the farm animals and participate in an oddball regatta. Visitors house-hunt in scenic Mousehole, where humble fishermen's cottages fetch up to 100,000.

    Episode 7
    St. Issey's 600 villagers spruce up the town with lush plants for the regional In Bloom competition. On the Cornish seaside, the coast guard trains for the tourist season's inevitable rescues on the area's rugged cliffs and turbulent ocean.

    Episode 8
    As summer comes to a close, St. Issey residents nervously await the judges' decision of Cornwall's In Bloom competition. Off the shores of St. Michael's Mount, competitors prepare for the annual around-the-island swim.

    Includes -
    12-page viewer's guide
    Caroline Quentin biography