A Place to Call Home, Season 2 DVD

Season 2 DVD

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Against the backdrop of post-World War II Australia, A Place to Call Home stars Marta Dusseldorp (Jack Irish) as Sarah Adams, a nurse who becomes involved in the affairs of the wealthy Bligh family. Dealing with themes such as anti-Semitism, sexuality, and social class, this rich and meaningful, high-quality production has been hailed as "Australian television to be proud of" (The Guardian, UK).

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Product Description


  • Length: 430 minutes on 3 Discs
  • Number of Programs: 10
  • Country of Origin: United States


  • Disc 1
    Episode 1: No Secrets, Ever
    The Blighs cope with many changes, not all for the better. As Anna starts her trial period at the Polettis, she also grapples with the implications of her true parentage. Sarah begins life at Ash Park while hiding a terrible secret from George. And James and Olivia suffer through his treatments at the clinic each in their own way.

    Episode 2: I Believe
    Anna begins instruction in the Catholic faith, and George and Sarah attend each other's religious services. Roy experiences a crisis of conscience, and Jack pleas with Carolyn to tell him about his daughter.

    Episode 3: A Kiss to Build a Dream On
    On the eve of their engagement party, Sarah debates whether to reveal to George a horrific secret from her past. James's treatments grow increasingly more brutal, and George makes a decision about Anna's future.

    Episode 4: What Your Heart Says
    George, Sarah, and Olivia rush to the clinic to evaluate James's true condition, and the family copes with his recovery. Andrew declares his intention to renew his pursuit of Anna. Sarah gets an inkling of what Elizabeth is plotting.

    Disc 2
    Episode 5: The Ghosts of Christmas Past
    George struggles to master his emotions following Sarah's disclosure. The Christmas holidays bring back memories of Elizabeth's youth and reveal the source of her special connection to Jack. Andrew spends the holidays at Ash Park in an attempt to win over Anna.

    Episode 6: Auld Lang Syne
    Elizabeth and Lady Swanson organize a society party to make Sarah feel out of her element. Olivia receives heartbreaking news and fears how it will affect her marriage. Meanwhile, Carolyn is determined to rekindle her romance with Jack.

    Episode 7: No Other Love
    Elizabeth divulges what Regina discovered in Europe, upending affairs for Sarah and George. Andrew offers Olivia a solution to her predicament, but she must weigh its potential cost.

    Disc 3
    Episode 8: Answer Me, My Love
    Sarah arrives in France to see René, and Regina buys a farm near Ash Park to continue her pursuit of George. Elizabeth struggles to reconcile with her son, while Anna finds out the truth about her father. Olivia makes a monumental decision.

    Episode 9: I Do, I Do
    Sarah returns to Inverness with René, and Elizabeth worries about the effect on George. Olivia struggles to bond with the baby, while James grows jealous of his wife's intimacy with Andrew. Anna and Gino prepare to celebrate their wedding day.

    Episode 10: Unforgettable
    Regina lays her trap to win George's affections, even as George resolves to leave Inverness. Confronted with the consequences of her past actions, Elizabeth makes a difficult change. René begins to realize all that Sarah has given up for him.

  • Content Warning: Contains violence and sexual situations.