Nova Space Exploration: First Man on the Moon, Earth From Space, At the Edge of Space, and Finding Life Beyond Earth

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Save when you buy these four programs together! Included in this combo: First Man on the Moon, Earth From Space, At the Edge of Space, and Finding Life Beyond Earth.

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  • Stereo: Yes
  • Color: Yes
  • Country of Origin: United States


  • NOVA: First Man on the Moon DVD - NOVA presents an intimate portrait of Neil Armstrong through interviews with his family and friends, many of whom have never spoken publicly before. Seen through the eyes of those who were close to him, the film explores the man behind the myth, and also reveals his unsung achievements as a Navy combat veteran and pioneer of high speed flight.

    NOVA: Earth from Space DVD - EARTH FROM SPACE is a groundbreaking two-hour special that reveals a spectacular new space-based vision of our planet. Produced in extensive consultation with NASA scientists, this special takes data from earth-observing satellites and transforms them into dazzling visual sequences, each one exposing the intricate and surprising web of forces that sustain life on earth.

    NOVA: At the Edge of Space DVD - Between the blue sky above us and the infinite blackness of space lies a frontier full of enigmas that scientists have only just begun to investigate. At the Edge of Space takes viewers on an exploration to probe the earth-space boundary zone, which is home to some of nature's most puzzling and alluring phenomena: the shimmering aurora, streaking meteors, and fleeting flashes that shoot upwards from thunderclouds, known as sprites.

    NOVA: Finding Life Beyond Earth DVD - Scientists are on the verge of answering one of the greatest questions in history: Are we alone? Finding Life Beyond Earth immerses audiences in the sights and sounds of alien worlds, while top astrobiologists explain how these places are changing how we think about the potential for life in our solar system.