Julia Child: The French Chef Cookbook (Paperback)

Softcover Book

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All the recipes that Julia Child demonstrated on her first public television series, The French Chef -- the 119 shows that made Julia a household name and changed forever the way Americans cook.

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Product Description


  • Production Year: 2002
  • Country of Origin: United States


  • Softcover book, 480 pages

I- Sauces and Soups
II- Entrees, Appetizers, Eggs, All Souffles
III- Les Pates (Doughs and Pastries)
IV- Fish and Shellfish
V- Poultry and Game
VI- Beef, Veal, Lamb
VII- Ham, Pork, Variety Meats, Miscellaneous Meat Dishes, Cassaroles, Pates
VIII- Vegetables
IX- Potatoes, Rice, Pasta
X- Salads, Aspics, and Cold Buffet
XI- Desserts, and Sweet Sauces
XII- Cakes, Frostings and Fillings, Cookies
XIII- Dinners In Half an Hour
XIV- Miscellaneous Information

Excerpt From The Book

A Note on the Importance of Flour Measuring
For all the cakes in this book, be sure to measure your flour exactly as indicated in each recipe. The weight of flour one cup can hold will vary more than an ounce depending on how you get the flour into the cup, whether you sift it in or scoop it in. As the measurements for all the other ingredients in each recipe are based on the weight of the flour, you can throw off the proportions entirely if you do not follow the measuring system indicated for each particular case.