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5 DVD Set

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Going to Green deals with the restoration of America's urban landscape through the creation of sustainable neighborhood ecosystems. Each chapter is devoted to a specific subject, accompanied by a lesson with service extension activities. Besides the science and social studies standards addressed throughout the film, the curriculum highlights various cross-curricular activities, such as literature, math, psychology and are tie-ins.

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  • Length: 600 minutes on 5 Discs
  • Closed Captioned: Yes
  • Stereo: Yes
  • Color: Yes
  • Number of Programs: 1
  • Production Year: 2009
  • Country of Origin: United States

AV Benefits:

Why the AV version? Because it provides additional usage options for PBS videos. AV versions come with limited performance rights so they can be shown in classrooms, at PTA meetings, during after school programs, and transmitted on a closed-circuit system within a building or on a single campus. They also can be enjoyed in admission-free public screenings, which also makes them ideal for use by library patrons and businesses involved in community clubs and organizations.
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Product Description


  • Length: 600 minutes on 5 Discs
  • Closed Captioned: Yes
  • Stereo: Yes
  • Color: Yes
  • Number of Programs: 1
  • Production Year: 2009
  • Country of Origin: United States

Episode Details:

This unique learning resource combines an integrated, detailed academic curriculum, service based learning activities, and a vibrant video series to educate, inspire, and empower learners to build greener, fairer, healthier communities.
Video segments show how 'regular' people and organizations in Chicago, Philadelphia, Seattle, and Los Angeles are, rather than waiting for government plans or policies, taking action now to recover their city's environment and experimenting with new, more sustainable ways of urban living.
Exercises, data and examples, profiles of good practice, discussion points, group activities, and extensions provide educators with a potent set of tools to empower learners to tackle challenges like land use, waste disposal, transportation, green building, loss of diversity, water use, and more.
Tested in high schools, university extension classes, community colleges, and community organizations, this teacher-friendly curriculum is rated a highly successful program for knowledge acquisition across disciplines, and knowledge creation and citizenship through active learning.
The program also meets NSTA and NCSS national standards for grades 9-12 and includes a wide variety of cross-curricular activities with a focus on literature, math and art.


  • Disc One, Episodes Include:
    Education in Action
    Understanding Sustainability
    Building Community
    Waste Management
  • Disc One, Bonus Material:
    Measuring the Effects of Community
    Educational Resources PDFs
  • Disc Two, Episodes Include:
    Green Building
    Air Quality
    Water Quality
  • Disc Two, Bonus Material:
    Waterways, Biodiversity, and Geographical Boundaries
    Billy Frank: Protector of Salmon
    Educational Resources PDFs
  • Disc Three, Episodes Include:
    Soil Quality
    Parks and Open Spaces
  • Disc Three, Bonus Material:
    The Millennium Park Bike Station
    Using Renewable Energy in Chicago's Millennium Park
    Millennium Park: Public Private Partnerships
    Educational Resources PDF
  • Disc Four, Episodes Include:
    Urban Agriculture and Community Gardens
    Urban Forestry
    Urban Planning
    Integrated Resource Management
  • Disc Four, Bonus Material:
    Green Space and Increased Property Values
    What Makes a City Great
    Educational Resources PDF
  • Disc Five, Episodes Include:
    Environmental Justice
    Public Policy and Community Action
    Sustainable Commerce
    Green Collar Careers
  • Disc Five, Bonus Material:
    Quality of Life and Business Success
    Commercial Salmon Fisherman Doug Fricke
    Educational Resources PDF
  • Widescreen 16x9 Anamorphic