Andrew Jackson: Good, Evil and The Presidency Educator's Tool Kit, DVD and DVD-ROM Combo - AV Item


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The educator's DVD-ROM extends the Andrew Jackson documentary into the classroom. Video clips, Q & A, activities, maps, political cartoons, literature and historical documents bring the subject to life. Video segments on the DVD-ROM and website include over 70 minutes of additional video packaged into six key themes: Slavery, Indian Removal, The Power of Women, The Corporation, Reinventing the Presidency and Was Jackson a Good President.

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  • Country of Origin: United States

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Why the AV version? Because it provides additional usage options for PBS videos. AV versions come with limited performance rights so they can be shown in classrooms, at PTA meetings, during after school programs, and transmitted on a closed-circuit system within a building or on a single campus. They also can be enjoyed in admission-free public screenings, which also makes them ideal for use by library patrons and businesses involved in community clubs and organizations.
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  • Country of Origin: United States

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Perhaps America's most celebrated 19th-century icon, Andrew Jackson cut a unique political swath in two terms as president, angering foes and perplexing supporters. Two centuries later, Jackson remains an enigma: war hero and common killer, a champion of the common man who owned slaves. This intriguing documentary offers an unvarnished portrait of a leader frequently larger than life. This version, the Educator's Edition, includes the full documentary plus a DVD-ROM that offers a comprehensive collection of video clips for use in the classroom, discussion questions, activities, maps, political cartoons, literature, and historical documents. The learning material is designed to engage and inspire students, thus maximizing retention. The DVD-ROM contains video clips and and Web site include numerous clips from the original documentary plus more than 70 minutes of additional video. For more additional resources visit: