The Reagan Presidency DVD

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In this three-hour series, titled The Reagan Presidency, the producers will focus on the eight years of the Reagan presidency. In addition to interviews with those who've spent years analyzing his policies and legacy, the producers will also interview key members of the Reagan team, as well as foreign leaders with whom the president interacted.

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Product Description


  • Length: 180 minutes on 1 Disc
  • Stereo: Yes
  • Color: Yes
  • Number of Programs: 3
  • Subtitles: Yes
  • Rating: TV-PG
  • Production Year: 2013
  • Country of Origin: United States


  • When Ronald Reagan entered office in the 1980s, unemployment was high, interest rates were skyrocketing, and the nation was plunging into a recession. As the Cold War escalated, American leaders fired heated rhetoric from behind their podiums of power. Decades later, Reagan is one of the most popular presidents of the last 50 years.

    In this compelling three-hour program, The Reagan Presidency offers an in-depth chronicle of President Reagan's years in the Oval Office, featuring interviews with Sandra Day O'Connor, Condoleezza Rice, George Shultz, Robert Reich, Bill Bradley, and more. A generation of study reveals surprising new insights into the role Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev played in ending the Cold War, and the long-term implications of administration decisions in Central America, Lebanon, and Iran.

    Analyzing the impact of supply side economics, tax decreases, deficit spending and immigration reform, The Reagan Presidency provides an unbiased look at the legacy of Ronald Reagan's term in office.

    Special bonus Features include...
    An Interview with Writer-Director Chip Duncan
    An Interview with the Composer Peter Batchelder

    This DVD features subtitles in English (SDH)