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About PBS Educational Media

The official resource for educators, librarians and other education organizations, PBS Educational Media offers learners enhanced opportunities to explore new ideas and new worlds! For more than 35 years, educators from pre-K through 12, colleges and universities, public and private librarians, government, and other organizations have trusted PBS for educational programs that bring lessons to life.

In schools, communities, businesses, and living rooms, our resources inform, inspire, educate, and entertain diverse learners. Our broad collection of programs has been consistently honored by the industry's most prestigious award competitions including Emmy®, Parent's Choice and Columbia Journalism Awards.

PBS Educational Media content is available on a range of media including DVD, DVD-Rom, Blu-ray, and CD, and also in a vigorous digital format.

Our programs offer downloadable materials on most DVDs including viewer guides, national standards-based lesson plans, interactive games, primary resources, timelines, photos and other resources.

Need even more? Program websites extend the reach of learning materials outside of the classroom, giving learners a portal into resources from their own desktops.


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